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Estudio Vila is a traditional law firm originally founded in 1943 by Sebastian Vila and Manuel Vila. Three generations of lawyers have served local and foreign clients offering expert legal advice in a wide range of areas and matters. We have earned our fine reputation over 75 years of high-quality technical services. We pursue excellence in the practice law, always maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity to our clients. By relying on a team of highly qualified lawyers, notaries, and other external collaborators, our partners offer tailored services strictly observing the above-mentioned standards at all times.


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Pro Bono

Through our consultants, our Law Firm honors its commitment to the community by being proactive, taking part in several community-driven projects to help underprivileged populations. In this regard, it is worth highlighting that one of our Partners, Guillermo Juan Vila, served as Chairman for the Mendoza branch of “Fundación Impulsar”, a foundation that assists and empowers young people with scarce or no financial resources for them to gain experience to stand on their own.

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